Tentative schedule!

Event Speakers Start End
Unify your distributions How GNU Guix can run on any of your hardware Mathieu Othacehe 09:00 09:30
All’s well that tests well An overview of Flatcar Container Linux test framework Mathieu Tortuyaux 09:30 10:05
Collaboration instead of Competition The Linux Distributions Working Group at the Open Mainframe Project Sarah Julia Kriesch 10:15 11:00
Modding the Immutable – how to extend Flatcar, an immutable image-based OS Thilo Fromm 11:00 11:30
Securing and Hardening a container host Sayan Chowdhury 11:30 12:10
How The Distro Needs Change to Help FOSS on Embedded Linux Alexander Sack 12:30 13:30
Eclipse Oniro: A production OS Focus on your applications again Amit Kucheria 13:30 14:15
Build and release tools tailored to building, releasing and maintaining Linux distributions and forks Mustafa Gezen 14:15 14:55
CentOS Stream: stable and continuous Aleksandra Fedorova 15:00 15:40
DOs and DON’Ts when building a Yocto based distribution What we have learned in a year of building Oniro Bernhard Rosenkränzer 15:45 16:10
Chimera Linux A BSD/LLVM distro from scratch Daniel Kolesa 16:15 17:05