Celebrating Fedora Release Party is now a custom in Bangalore. This time, although late, we organized it in Red Hat Banglaore Engineering office. We were expecting 30 people to attend the party and we received a fairly good response with ~25 people on and off. Some came for SilverBlue, some to install Fedora 30 and some wanted to know more about the 31 changesets. It was a rather successful event considering it was a working day AND RootConf was at the same $day:time on a different part of city. People love RootConf.

What happened in the celebration

  • I started the event by discussing talking points of Fedora 30. When I reached changes in security, questions started coming it. Thankfully we had a Gluster Engineer who works a lot around libcrypt and he was able to drive the discussion into a very productive one.

  • Sinny spoke and showed demo of SilverBlue. We had so many question it lasted for an hour.

  • [Anuj] and I discussed Fedora Summer Coding programs and did an unofficial call for mentors in case there is something that they wish for Fedora and want to make it a success by taking it on their own. :P (focus on unofficial)

Thanks to Bex for sending us a good amount of Swag that made the participants (and me :P) super happy. Followed by swag distribution, we cut the cake (cut by a user who has promised that he will contribute the package he is facing issues into by doing update testing). Cake, Swag and cherry on top we had burgers for everyone. It was an wonderful and a successful event.

Post food and networking, I showed how to test packages to Digganta (The guy who cut the cake). We called off the event by 06:00 pm. A good 4 hours of users/contributions meeting was amazing to see!

Thanks to all the participants, and Red Hat Bangalore site managers to provide us the venue and snacks.

Sumantro was missed.

A rather short report, now enjoy some pictures here