Let’s discuss vsiddhar.me

I have been suggested multiple time to manage a blog, share my stories, events and ideas, but as being a ‘Pro’ procrastinator, I haven’t run from my responsibilities and thus, haven’t done the right thing! Sadly, this changes now. I have decided to manage this colorless website (Hugo+Coder, as it requires ~no effort). If I am alive and in right sense, I will be putting at least one post every week month.

It’s a small/slow target but for now let’s not promise the mountain. Ideally, I should have migrated my previous blogs, but they are full of color and also don’t make a lot of sense. I have recently (very recently) joined Fedora Core Engineering (Platform Team) and will be working on CentOS CI, Fedora CI and a bit of other stuff which I haven’t figured out yet.

Most probably this will be updates of my work, few exciting news or small reads/interesting knowledge sharing platform.

So, keep in touch, I might add some way of notifying people (no promises) or I might just keep it as my diary (open).

A formal ending with a formal Thank you!